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It may just be my computer or trainz install but:

I moved a layout from 2004 to 2006 and all is well that is untill the other day after some research I found that the length of the platform of the station was wrong. not problem I thought I will just move the ramp end, so In a go into survayor move the base map up out of the way and try to move the ramp end after finding the right lenth.

the ramp ends I am using are Andy06 not sure but I think thay may be the old ones. the stations work fine but I did notice that i have same problem with a termius in the map. I have tride moving deleting and all the other things bar killing the map As I have spent some time on it if any one has any ideas please help

just looked and have the same problem on another map that I copyed from 2004 to 2006??????
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