Having trouble making payment to DL T:ANE

I just tried to purchase T:ANE Deluxe Edition from simulator central and it failed to take my payment. I double checked my credit card and everything is ok with it. I even got a text notice on my phone that said N3VGames declined it. I tested the card on a different small purchase to make sure it works and it does.

I even checked the currency difference to make it actually comes to less than the listed price.

I want to get the 50% off Easter Weekend deal while it last.

Anyone know what could be wrong?
Hi and welcome to the Trainz community!

Please send a ticket to the helpdesk. Link to the helpdesk can be found at the top of every page on the forum.

Might be something wrong behind the scenes.

The helpdesk says it can take 1-3 days. I'm assuming the sale ends today being yesterday was Easter.

I found it on Steam website but it's not 50% off. Is anyone aware of other sites where it is on sale?

Thanks for any help
I had that same problem several years ago. What happened is that MY Credit Union actually denied the request and N3V (Auran at the time) simply reflected that denial as theirs. What you need to do is contact your bank/credit union and tell them you will be making a purchase from Australia and name the company (N3V). They should/maybe keep the request of your on file for at least a year. I haven't been bothered since then.

But, having said that, The instant (around 15 seconds) after the Credit card is accepted, I get a call from my CU asking if I made the purchase and to press "1" to confirm. I like it that way.