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I"ve been looking at some Google Earth satellite images on the PC in my local library.However when I try to "Save" them to a Mini Hard Drive plugged into the PC they will save but when I try to open them on my home PC they won"t open.If I look at them on my home PC (Dialup) they open OK but when I save them they still won"t open from Saved.What am I doing wrong?:confused:
Its probably easier to hit "Print Screen" when in Google Earth and then go to something like Photo Editor and "Edit-paste as new image" . Edit the image as required and then save to your pen drive as a jpg.

I disagree. As an intensive user of the Google Earth save functions for both images [Ctrl+Alt+S]and placemarks [Ctrl+S] I have never experienced any problems.

Using an external drive to save files may require an explicit disconnect. For solid state drives (memory cards) the disconnect function could actually write the data from an intermediate buffer to the drive.

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Thanks for the replies gents."Capt Haddock" that worked perfectly - in other words you just treat it as if it was a Screenshot."Geophil" I have no idea what an "Explicit Disconnect" is - maybe something imported from Sweden? but if its "Safely Remove Hardware" I always do that.I guess I"ll have to put it with the 1001 other things I don"t understand about PCs...:confused: