Which MacBook Pro for Trainz 2019/2022?


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Hi folks,

I am planning to switch from my PC to a MacBook Pro. At home, I'd like to still connect it to a 4K display, maybe a 5K Apple Studio Display some time in the future.

I'd like to ask you, what the ideal MacBook Pro specs would be for Trainz 2019/2022 at 4K/5K. Would an M3 Pro chip have enough GPU performance for 60fps+, or would I need to buy an M3 Max chip? (Or might even be an M2 Pro enough?). 32GBs of RAM are planned as a minimum.
Highest visual settings aren't needed, maybe something like medium settings, but 60fps+.

Unfortunately I find it quite hard to find some sort of benchmarks for Trainz on Apple Silicon GPUs... So maybe, some of you are using Apple Silicon for Trainz at 4K?

Would be really greatful for your advice. Thank you.

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Just be aware that the M series of apple computers have a hardware fault that permits malware to run. The CPUs need to be updated so I'd hold off for a day or two. It's called GoFetch if you want to google it.

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I used to be a huge Apple fan, now, I'm not, due to their restrictions on upgrading hard drives , RAM and the exorbitant prices they charge for them and their restrictive repair policies. its more or less ensured a short usable life for them . If you REALLY have to get a Mac, make use its maxed out as much as possible regarding chip power and drive size , you really need as much RAM as you can afford,but unfortunately apple is charging eye watering prices for the larger drives .

According to one trainz user, even the Mac Studio isn't as fast as a medium specification gaming PC, its hard to find reviews of macs running trainz, it is supposed to be optimized for silicon, but one user with only 8gb of ram on an M series mac said he couldn't even open a route he'd made . Beware ,if possible test with the app installed before you buy. Remember that you could easilly fill a 512 gb hard drive with the trainz database alone, althougth you could run it off an external ssd. .
Thank you @johnwhelan and @dangavel for your impressions - I know about the recent security flaw and the nature of apple's systems not being upgradable. Based on others factors, I still plan to switch to Mac, mainly because of macOS.

Maybe there is someone else with a similiar setup to what I'm planning who can share their experience regarding performance.