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Hi All,
I’m fairly new to Trainz having been introduced in 2022 by another user who recommended checking out a great route created by PFLindley.
Peter has created many versions of his Great Central Railway route and is currently up to GCR v15. This is a fantastic body of work as I live close to where the old GCR route ran, so I have knowledge of what the area would have looked like back in the 1960s and therefore know this complex section around Kirkby-in-Ashfield is truly amazing in its likeness, and I’m sure others who know other parts of this route would probably confirm this too.
Anyway, don’t take my word for it, check it out as you won’t be disappointed.
Thanks again to PFLindley for this fantastic route.
A new version of the GCR has just been uploaded onto the DLS - GCR22 V4. This version operates in Trainz Plus with build 123794. It is still very much a WIP but many minor amendments have been made and a few major ones listed below.

1. Many baseboards have been converted to the 5m Grid scale. Much time and effort was spent on the HD scale, but this caused the CDP files to become too large and the 5m provides a good compromise. Modelling in the HD scale and editing with Surveyor 2.0 gives very good detail and can be great fun, but the CDP file size is rather restrictive for large layouts. Several cuttings have been modelled in this way.
2. The track has been replaced with A06 BH Wood1 SAM version 2a (many thanks Anthony for the splended reskins). This track is very realistic but slightly too wide for use with David Bird's bridges and Mike10's viaducts. I hope to deal with this problem at a later date
3. Verney Junction lives again!! The new Oxford to Cambridge varsity line currently passes through this site, but the nearest station will be at Winslow. The connection to the old GCR line near Calvert may be retained. The line from VJ to Quainton Road, passing through Winslow road and Granborough road stations and originally desired to serve mainly the local agricultural communities, was singled in thr late 1930s and finally closed in the very early 1940s. However I just couldn't resist bringing it back to life (a privilege of old age!) so that I can run EDH6's splendid Metropolitan locos over it The beginning of the single line to Buckingham has also been included.

There are still many fine adjustments to be made, but I hope to keep plodding along and that some of my fellow enthusiasts will enjoy playing with the GCR. All comments and suggestions are, of course, welcome

Kindest regards,

Hi Peter, I've downloaded the latest GCR in TRS22 (one of my favourite Trainz routes of all time for one of my favourite railways!) There are a couple of missing dependencies:
<kuid2:151900:500304:2> (by Blue_Sky_Interactive)
<kuid2:71378:1805:1> (by segy)

Possibly the curse of 'packaged' strikes again?
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