Procedural Track (Again)

Hey Guys,
This of course is a topic that has come up time and time again here in the forums but really no definite answer really has been given, this being of course the ability to incorporate the procedural track system to include: 3 way junctions, double and single slip points, dual gauge junctions and diamonds. Now by all means this is not to say that what we have recieved and what has been accomplished by N3V is truly amazing, to the point where some in game screenshots look about as close to real as I could image in my opinion, but I really just would like an answer to whether we will recieve this I guess leap forward with the procedural track system. To add to this really is this something that is currently being worked on? Is it something we can expect in the near future? Or is this something that is a fair way off in terms of Trainz development? Really this is something I would love for someone from the Trainz team to comment on or anyone who has any ideas on whether this is going to be something in the near future to look forward to thus keep hopes for or just something that isnt really I guess worth thinking anymore about. With all that being said though I do give props to N3V for the amzing work that has been put into Trainz and the leaps and bounds that have been achieved, so I do hope this doesnt come across as for lack of any better words ungreatful. Keep up the great work, but if someone could give a hint or better a definite answer that would be great.
Kindest, regards RailSimulator.
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The short answer is that this feature is on our list.

The longer answer is that we don't currently have this scheduled as there is a longer list of features considered higher priority at this time.