GAURC: Seeking Team Members

Are you interested in joining the GAURC Team?

We are looking for people with skills like route building, content creation and re-skinning, anyone with a special talent... or even beginners who are eager to learn, to join our team!

What does it mean to be a team member?

Team members collectively work on team projects. We have 3 routes currently in-progress, 2 of which are major prototypically accurate projects. Some team members might work on track laying, signals, landscaping or detailing. Other team members might create specialized (custom) scenery objects or rolling stock, paint (re-skin) existing content, or even research prototype information.

Team members discuss projects; current state, ideas for the future, etc. Team members play a critical role in the direction of the group... everyone gets a vote. Our team is whatever our members decide it to be.

Team projects are creations more grand and of higher-quality than those that might typically be produced by an individual. Team members have the opportunity to learn new skills from each other. Of course, all the team members take pride and credit for what is produced.

It is our intention to offer these projects to the public as freeware, so that they may be enjoyed by everyone.

It is my personal hope that forming a team of talented individuals will also result in the formation of new friendships among people with common interests. It is my vision to see the GAURC function in the same capacity (of sorts) that might be seen in any model railroad club; if that is the path the members choose to take.

If you are a Trainz veteran, or a Trainz beginner... If you have interest, please reply to this thread.

I'm Intrested


I've had trainz scenc UTC (WOW I could hardly remember) anyhow, I'd be instrested in joining your team. :D :D :D I've never uploaded anthing to the DLS, I hope this dosent impact your dicision. I am a railroad conductor for CSXT, so my time on here has become limited recently, however, I will do what I can for your team.
My instrests are route testing, building routes and scenery. (actully I was just working on my 'Conrail Land' route before TRS06 crashed on me):eek:

Mike S.
Of course! Our Route Projects currently include...

Arizona Divide (Prototypical)

This Trainz route begins in the desert of Winslow, AZ and climbs into the Coconino National Forest via Flagstaff, AZ. The BNSF Transcon mainline crosses over the Arizona Divide (the highest elevation in the US) and into Williams, AZ where it connects to the historic Grand Canyon Railway. Down the mountain and back into the desert, this route continues to Seligman, AZ. Terrain is modeled using DEM data and HOG texture maps. The main line is approximately 250+ miles of double-track with grades of 2%+ on both sides of Flagstaff.

Grand Canyon Line (Prototypical)

The Grand Canyon Railway departs daily from Williams, Arizona and travels almost due north to the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The trip measures 65 miles and takes 2 hours and 15 minutes each way, 45 minutes faster than in 1901 when the train made its first trip.

Blackberry Mountain Line (Fictional)

This major rebuild of George's Gorge Basic Edition is hardly recognizable as the new headquarters of the GAURC located somewhere in the Colorado mountains. The route is heavily forested and is dominated by steep grades. There is also a new extension to Denver. This project is the closest of the three to being released.

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Does it matter how much time we have to help? (ie, I have school until summer, so time will be a little tight.) If not, I can reskin rolling stock.
No, there is no minimum time requirement. Just looking for people that are truly interested joining this new group of friends to try and produce something of high quality that we can offer to the Trainz community.

I've been working on these projects by myself for about a year now, and progress is slow. In that time, I have met some wonderful people on the Auran Forum; some of whom I now call friends. I would just like to open my world at GAURC for those friends and some new ones to try and pool our talents and create something special, and to provide a "home" with an identity for such a group to work in.

I don't have as much time as I wish I did either, that is exactly one of the reasons for inviting others.

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Thanks, I really appreciate that... but the website is pretty much coded already. I do my own authoring (which is yet another full-time hobby) and update the site almost daily.

I'm grateful for the offer, and I'll remember it.