Gas Station with service bays


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All I can find are stations that serve gas and have a convenience store. Yes, we have the WaWa's and the like but we mostly we have gas stations with service bays in our area. How else do you get your auto repaired? Are there any on the dls? I sure can't find them. Thanks.
I made a service building to go with my 1950's-era "Gas station Flying A". Look for "Gas station Flying A garage" <kuid2:68213:26012:1>.

I also did "Garage Marolf 02" <kuid2:68213:26024:1> a service bay from my Garage Marolf set. It might do the job.

And finally there's "Gas station BP derelict" <kuid2:68213:26026:1> which has a service bay as part of the building. A bit run down but still looks usable.

All are on the DLS.

Perhaps a broader set of words might get more hits. Instead of just service bays, words like garage, repair, auto.. come to mind.

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Thanks Dean. The Marolf Garage is close to what I'm looking for. I will use it but something generic that anyone could use along side or near the convenience store would be a great help. That type of building would be very versatile. Thanks again.

The Flying A is too old for my route. Need something for today's era.
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One of the things I could suggest, particularly for the Flying A, since alot of older gas stations stuck around to become newer gas stations or were repurposed into all and sundry, is try looking for signs to place in front of/over the Flying A insignia/Signs. There are loads of older buildings that get sold and reused, and certainly around here there are tons of older service stations that are similar to what you describe that have simply been re-purposed into other things (Auto-Mechanics business' for instance). Anyway, just takes some imagination to repurpose assets in this game.

Good Luck
Just FYI, I know I'm a little late to the party, but also take a look at "gas station MFA", by Euphod. It's a reskin of DaveSnow's General Store. The blue awning around the top is a little bright for me, but it's decent and even has pumps and a sign available separately, if needed.