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I'm sure there is a thread about this somewhere, but my various searches haven't found it. "Traffic" was obviously too broad a search term and "road traffic", because of American usage, turned up too much about railways, and so far I haven't found a better search term.

So where can I find out about how to adjust what turns up on my roads? I know for example, there is the Settle-Carlisle railway that has early 20th century vehicles, and I found another that seems to have entirely cars and buses. Well buses are certainly an improvement, but I'd like to see trucks too. So how to I control what appears?
Secondly, it would be unrealistic to have heavy trucks on suburban roads, so are there roads that limit what kind of vehicle appears? - buses only, cars only...
You can find out what Region asset the route is using. Then change to the region that best suites you. Or the cars are listed in the config.txt of the region asset and can be edited.

Under Edit Route is where you will see the Region dropdown.
The easiest way is to find an existing region with the cars you want. Or you can create a custom region which is more work . Several weeks ago, I posted how to create a custom region with you choice of vehicles. Here it is:

To add to what has been said so far, about five years ago I posted this "how-to-do-it" on the forum. It should still work. Note that in step 2, I am replacing could with should - it's too easy to have something go wrong, so it's better to clone before doing anything else.

These track objects are actually vehicles that will run on existing roads and can replace those that you currently see on roads. (They are not programmable, although you can find programmable vehicles as well to run on invisible track). There are many of them on the DLS. Here is what you need to know:

1. The vehicles you see running are defined in a list stored in the config.txt of a region. In CM, look at the config.txt of any region and you will see the list in two places. The first is in a list starting with car0 through car whatever with the specific car. The second list is at the bottom and is under the heading kuid-table. Each of these lists contains the same kuid numbers for the cars for that region.
2. You should clone an existing region that you usually use, give the clone a new name, then decide which vehicles you want to replace and the kuid number of the replacement. For example, you might decide that car6 is no longer needed and you would like to replace it with a vehicle with kuid number whatever. Be careful to replace car6's kuids in both lists. Make a note of the replacement kuid number. Commit the cloned region.
3. Next, for each replacement vehicle, download it from the DLS if not aleady on your PC. It has to be on your PC otherwise you will have missing dependencies.
4. Once this is done, make sure the new region has no errors or missing dependencies.
5. Now load your route, then edit route, and scroll to your new region. If all went well in surveyor and driver you will see the vehicles defined for that region including the new vehicles you swapped in.
6. As an alternative, there are existing regions on the DLS with their own set of vehicles that you could download and assign to your route. You will still have to make sure to download any missing vehicles - just look at the dependency list to see which ones you need.
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