TRS19 Build 111951 Road vehicle traffic question


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Until today I was at build 100240 and had not updated ever due to concerns about reported road vehicle issues. This goes way back I think to the earliest days of TRS19. But today I updated all the way to 111951. I tried to go further but got an error message "Operation Failed - installation checksum mismatch." I put this on the help desk.

So here I am at Build 111951, and I noticed that road vehicle traffic seems different from what I was used to. Traffic seems to be increased on divided highways (one way splines) but less on 2 lane roads. Since I didn't know what to expect, and I couldn't patch beyond 111951, it's hard for me to know whether road traffic is as good as it will get in TRS19. I also don't know what road traffic issues were being addressed in the earlier updates since I didn't apply them when they became available.

So two questions:
1. Is there something I need to optimize or change in suryeyor to take advantage of whatever changes were made to road traffic in these updates?
2. Is there anyone expert in road traffic issues in TRS19 that can fill me in on what has changed since 100240 to 111951 and what I can expect beyond 111951)?

Now that car camera mode is available for road vehicles, it provides a whole new way to experience routes and I want to understand as much as I can about this topic. Thanks.