Every Update makes Things gets Worse


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Hello All
I have been a Trains Supporter since UTS, 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2019. Since I got TRS2019 three years ago it seems that everytime they release an update something else does not work. For example the "Interlocking Towers", when I first got TRS2019 they worked with all the signals (incl. scripted) like the HI signals that came with it. Since the update of Aug 2022 they only work with the dumb signals, no scripted signals will work properly. I contacted their tech support last year and nothing has been fixed. Same thing with the 'TRC Trigger' it has become very flakey, looses its settings etc. When they release an update should it not to improve things ?????

very disapointed :(:(:(
I do have all the latest assets installed and still have the same problem. Any signal I tried that has its own script gives problems, the build in HL signals show no display at all when using them with an interlocking tower, same for the TCS signals, they show a light but it does not change states.
The only way I got it to work is with unscripted signals, like 'Signal BR 8', 'DR H-Signal01' or 'DB Hauptsignal' etc...
The TRC crossings may need to be refreshed. Some people have had this issue while others do not. Open up the properties window on the TRC assets and ensure the values are still there. If the value is there, close and save. If not re-enter the settings again.

Create a separate thread regarding the EIT issues and pguy will most likely respond. He's the creator and knows more about those than I do. The good news is others who use them will see the thread and post their workarounds and experience which I don't have with them.
Is there a way to downgrade from SP5 back to the original released steam version?
Only if you have a backup of your original install. Your data, though will be an issue because with most updates, there are file and data changes that make the saved-data incompatible with previous versions.