EIT Signals not reporting Correct State


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Hello Everyone
Since the TRS2019 Update back in mid 2022 I have been having problems with the Interlocking Towers. I do have all the latest assets installed. Any signal I tried that has its own script seems to have problems, the build in HL signals show no display at all when using them with an interlocking tower, same for the TCS signals, they show a light but it does not change states.
The only signals that I got to work are unscripted signals, like 'Signal BR 8', 'DR H-Signal01' or 'DB Hauptsignal' etc...
TRS2019 (build 117026)
I don't think it is the EIT that causes the problem. I believe it is the scripts in the signals that have the problem. I use semaphore signals and some work and others will not show the correct arm. This is both in EIT and also outside EIT.
Yes it may have something to do with the signal scripts. But. They were all working fine prior to the SP5 release, so was there changes made to the EIT scripts or relating to the EITs during that update, which is causing this problem?
I think its more to do with N3V personally. I have found with numerous signals that if you set the EIT path to not reset the junctions then the signal can still see the feather or theatre display and shows that state.
I have overcome this by adding an invisible track at the first facing junction leading to an invisible buffer stop and set the path to put the junctions back to the original state, which leads to this buffer stop. The signal then does not see a feather or theatre and shows stop.
Useless at adding pictures, sorry.
If you go to the first facing junction after the signal, where the track splits, and add an invisible track to make it a three way junction.
Then add an invisible buffer stop to the invisible track. Then point the junction lever to go down the invisible track.
Then make sure that every EIT path through this junction is set to restore junctions.

Hope this is easier to understand.