Eurostar Missing Dependencies/Kuid | Trainz 2006


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Hello to whoever reads this,

I have found a Eurostar Trainz model from and I believe the model can work with Trainz 2006, so I downloaded the .cdp file and installed it. It worked, but it only has two missing dependencies, which are: <kuid:122285:508> and <kuid:122285:4089>. I cannot fnd them online at all, or even the DLS, it's like it doesn't exist, and yes I have tried seacrching and installing <kuid2:122285:4089:2> and adjusting the config.txt file, but still nothing. Can someone please help me on where to find them, or even if you have them and send the kuid files to me, it would be greatly appreiciated.

I see you have Tane and 2019:
In both are built-in:
<kuid2:122285:508:23> AJS Superscript Code Library
<kuid2:122285:4089:3> JK Icon-RE
There are older and some newer versions in the DLS.