Trainz f7 asset has "missing dependencies"


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I downloaded a Trainz N&W F7, and it says the "f7" asset has missing dependencies, but I can't find those missing dependencies. I tried looking through the config file, listing the dependencies recursively, and looking through the errors and warnings, but nothing works.
In order to receive help, more information is needed, we cannot guess solutions if we do not have data:
1- Place of the download, if it is a third-party site, or if it is from the DLS.
2- Username and full kuid number of the asset that is missing dependencies.
3- Kuid numbers of the lost asset.
4- Version of the game in which it has been installed (Tane,2019,2022).
The issue is a dependency of a dependency that's somehow missing.

First check for updates. Sometimes if an asset has been updated, the older version isn't recognized and that confuses things.
Right-click on the F7 cab and choose View asset versions.

A new window will open up. Look for the latest copy and if there is one, download it. You can close this window once completed and if there's nothing to download.

If there's nothing to update, you need to do is check if anything is open for edit. Using Content Manager, you can choose that from the list at the top. If the asset is open for edit, right-click and choose Revert to original.

If that doesn't work, you need to dig deeper by first listing the dependencies F7 in Content Manager.

Right-click on the asset and choosing List Dependencies. You can also try List Dependencies Recursively which goes in a bit deeper.

This will bring up a separate window containing all the dependencies.

Right-click on those and repeat the procedure to list the dependencies. It's here that you might get lucky and see something that's missing, and you can then search from there for the missing component.