Missing Assets: CGI TTTE


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While looking for something to add to my TTTE collection on Content Manager, I came across Harwick enterprises (Hyperlink to their website), who seemed to have a public model of Rebecca the Happy Engine.
Afterwards, I realized that 2 dependencies are missing: <kuid:392523:100228> and <kuid:176478:105173>.

Where are these 2 deps? they're not on the download station, obviously. Why did Harwick not list those deps as well?


Seriously? No Replies?
Not sure what you expect us to do if we haven't downloaded it, as I suspect many haven't. The best thing to do would be to contact the creator, either via the website or via the email address in the config (if there is one), but otherwise the N3V forums are probably of limited use.

There is a thread for missing kuids, so you could always try posting there but beyond that there's not a lot else I can suggest apart from Googling the missing kuids. Sometimes they turn up on other sites.


Seriously? No Replies?
This is an asynchronous environment. Many people here have lives outside of the forums and are not on the forums to answer your post immediately while we do try to answer as soon as we can. Sometimes, it takes time to understand what someone is posting about, and if there's no answer to post you won't get an answer.

In the end, you were shown how to go about finding your missing dependencies.