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I am bit lost here
I use download station from trainz 2019 European version
build 117oo9.
How come when you download stuff from the download station
using download from 2019 there is so many faulty items
when you then look in the game
i taught using 2019 all the stuff from that place would all
work in 2019 without any problems like faulty items and
missing dependencies which is not on the download station
Herlev, on the Launcher Screen click [Trainz Settings] then go to the tab /Dev\
set Compatibility mode: [Maximise compatibility]
This gives you less errors on (older) content
if you see errors in Content manager, Red is a real error, Yellow is just a warning (just ignore the yellow)

Many items on the Downloadstation have errors and warnings
there is a Content Repair Group (CRG) that have about 20k items on their their to-fix list
all unpayed amateurs and users like us.

My experience about 20% (20% of 458428= 91k +) of all items on the DLS have errors or warnings
that does not mean they cant be used.
There are many tutorials or forum posts how to repair items.
Part of our hobby will be, that we learn to repair if needed or simply choose an alternative object.
Assets were made with the rules/knowledge that were there when the item was created.

Don't be lost just enjoy Trainz, greetings GM
I too thought they no longer allowed content onto the DLS that was missing dependencies Herlev, but I have had a rash of them lately, and from assets that are recently uploaded, so it does not appear to be an actual standard.
If there are missing assets when TRS19 or TRS22 is first installed, make sure that you download the required assets from the Content Store as well as any other packages available. There have been updates to some of the routes which will also trigger missing assets until those updated packages are installed.

Warnings can be ignored by us. It's up to the content creator, or the CRG to update the assets. The warnings are there because older assets are not at the same build level as the latest ones and a filter is on the DLS and in Content Manager to flag the assets with warnings. The older assets also have some now deprecated functions that produce warnings for now but can become faulty later on.

The large number of assets the CRG has to repair is beyond belief. At one point the crew had the number shrinking but N3V has setup a moving goalpost and the number of assets has ballooned. The last blast was due to the now faulty scripts that weren't before. It's only a very small group and they are slogging through the assets a chunk at a time.
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