what went wrong


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Hi fellow trainz guys
i have a strange problem
i moved some rolling stock from my 2009 in to 2019
when i put the cars on the track they will not COUPLE TOGETTER
they join TOGETTER one by one but all have the green and red
arrow not joined so can not make the consist
any idea what went wrong
there are no faulty messages no missing dependencies'
kind regards
The only time I have had this experience was when I had created a dual gauge section of track (3'6" narrow gauge and 5'8" broad gauge) by carefully overlaying the two tracks so that it looked like they shared a common rail. When adding wagons to what I thought was the narrow gauge track only I had accidentally added some to the broad gauge track so they would not couple, had their own red/green direction arrows and would even pass through those wagons that were attached to the other track.