Double tracks


I have now worked with TRS2006 for a while, and I have no idea on how to make a double track so they go in opposite directions (as the do in most countries, I think) Of course I can lay single track that way, but when it comes to bridges, tunnels, crossings for double tracks, these items have all been made with both tracks going the same way. Is there a way around this?

Yes.If you look at "Tips And Tricks - Surveyor" A Trainzer has described how you can lay tracks across Bridges without attaching them.BTW one mistake I made in my early days was to leave a significant gap between the 2 tracks, but as long as you use ballasted track the edges of the ballast should MEET so that it looks as though both tracks rest on one layer of ballast.
i don't know if this is what you're looking for go to page 2 in "TIPS and TRICKS" it might help

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