Trains hopping over railroad crossings


I have noticed that in TRS 22, trains seem to hop over fixed road crossings (objects that have a section of fixed track and a road section with spine points at each end of both). In other words, locomotives and cars quickly raise up when they hit the crossing, and then drop back down on the other side of it. Is there a way to eliminate this, by editing files or doing anything else on my end? There are some fixed crossings that I really like, but this jumping motion is a bit off-putting to me.
The issue dates back to T:ANE with fixed-track type of railroad crossings. This is supposed to be some kind of effect but it doesn't come across well. This was mentioned early on in bug reports and in the forum but never fixed.

The alternative is to use the build-your-own type of crossing using ATLS or TRC. If you are using TRS22, the latest build broke the TRC crossing components and it's best to use the ATLS crossing components from Boat instead.