DEM, Tunnels Bridges etc.!


Hi All,

I'm making a route of railway in Dorset, and I have made the DEM, UTM files and track. I'm using TRS 19.

As I am going through making corrections to the track (track was laid using JOSM, which is very accurate, just needs a bit of cleaning up), I come across bridges, either a road over the top of track or track over roads, and tunnels.

What is the best way of "digging" (for want of a better word) to allow either one to pass across the other (not worried about tunnels just yet)?

DEM data isn't accurate enough for the ground to be the right height where track is, hence having to find a way to do this. I know that somehow I would have to use gradient on roads/tracks, but not sure how to go about it.

Any advice more than welcome!!

So I usually go to the location on google maps, take a look at the layout and work back from there. Obviously its harder to sort a gradient on rails first, so i start with them and then deal with the roads afterwards :)
I made a bridge called the West Branch Feather River Bridge. It's an over under type bridge. It is rather large and you are welcome to reskin to suit your needs if it will fit. Has a four lane highway on top. Scroll through this video to see the bridge as part of my Feather River Route. If you can find the correct type of rail bridge it should be easy to run a road bridge over top to make it look like they belong together. All of my rail tunnel portals are reskins of Jointed Rail's Mojave tunnels which use a dig hole to cut the grid with an attached tunnel with track inside that lays like track without having to lock to the grid. I believe there are some bridges on the DLS that have a road with a track along side instead of on top available for download. Everything on my route, except the tunnel portals are on the DLS if anything catches your eye. Don't have permission yet to upload the portals. With a little imagination, I think you will do a fine job building your bridge sets. Have fun.