Looking for adjustable terminal templates


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Hi everyone.

I've just somehow finished downloading enough content to start building my first route, but there is quite a problem I cannot overcome and I'm asking for suggestions. Since I want to have station platform of multiple platform stations to be perfectly aligned to each other, I've tried to built a station with an AJS Terminal Template, combined with fixed tracks of various lenght and AJS inv. stations or other inv. stations. In this way it is possible to link all the platforms together and move them as a single station, and platform are perfectly aligned. But here comes the problem: the AJS templates use a very narrow spacing between platforms and tracks and between tracks. So: are there any buildable station terminal teplates, similar to those of the AJS pack, that allow to combine track and spline templates, fixing them together, but have a 5 meter spacing between track centres and a a broader distance between tracks and platforms?

thanx in advance for suggestions
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