Mass Deleting Missing Kuids from route in TRS22

I recently got back into Trainz after a ten year hiatus, and installed TRS22 Platinum. Quite a change from using TRS04 so please forgive my question.

I need to remove over a hundred missing kuid's from a route I installed into TRS22. These missing kuid's are not available on the DLS.

I am new to using Content Manager. I checked the menu options in Content Manager and could not see a simple way to remove the missing kuids from the route.

Is there a simple way to mass remove all the missing kuids from the route by using Content Manager in TRS22 Platinum? (Without damaging the route)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Wb Leader,
Best thing to do when you imported an old route and have loads of missing:
-Go check where you got it from and see if there are dependencies there
-Check if there is a kuidlist that goes with the route. it may give hints
-Just use your browsers search engine to search for missing kuids

-Enable in Settings >> General Settings [v]"Show missing assets"
-Open your route for editing in the game and scroll the entire map
you soon see what are essential items and what is just extra trees
-From the menu select "Delete Missing Assets"
-Save your route under a different name (important!)

A route will just work fine if just a few scenery items are missing.
more important ofcourse is track. trackside items like junction levers and signals

short answer, no you cant in CM do it in the route/session when its open
have fun with trainz and take the time to complete a route
greetings GM
That feature is available from within Surveyor. Open the route in Surveyor and look under the Tools menu for Delete Missing Assets. Then save the route under a new name and delete the old version.
I responded with a detailed response to a duplicate post elsewhere. He needs to open the route-folder and rename the data files from route-name.* to mapfile.*, otherwise he'll have grey fog and no terrain, unless that was changed recently and also update the region to a KUID, and category error needs to be added to the config.txt.

Once the route is imported, he can then run the Delete Missing assets.
Interesting, I've not seen the missing terrain issue since TRS19 SP2 and it was fixed in SP3. I just downloaded a Philskene route circa TRS2004 and I see the fog and the region error but all the terrain is there.
I imported one of my TRS2004 routes from my archive and it too was fine other than the fog and region error. Did have warnings for being 2.4 and was missing a thumbnail container.
Maybe I'll change the file names to see if it makes a difference later on.

Thanks for the tip.
I investigated further and here is my route that I imported and then saved as a TRS22 PE route.

Note that the original files are still there and saving the route created the new files automatically. BTW, I got rid of the fog by simply resetting the Diurnal settings which I always do anyway.
I investigated further and here is my route that I imported and then saved as a TRS22 PE route.

Note that the original files are still there and saving the route created the new files automatically. BTW, I got rid of the fog by simply resetting the Diurnal settings which I always do anyway.
This is absolutely splendid. I hadn't imported an old route since the early days of TRS22, or pre SP2 in TRS19 equivalent timeframe and had to rename files. At that point, both versions were pretty much on a parallel course if I remember correctly.

This must've also updated the category-era and region as well if the route came in without errors.

Thank you for verifying this.
Thanks everyone for your great advice. After using "delete missing assets" in surveyor, I have only 16 missing assets left on the route.

I created the route about 15 years ago and can't remember where I got the missing 16 assets. I tried doing a google search but that failed to find any of the items. There used to be a way of deleting the missing assets by removing them from the kuid list in the route config file. I am not sure if this can be done inTRS22 PE.

In TRS04 there was a key command that would show the kuid numbers of all the assets on the actual grid map in surveyor. Then you could go in and delete problem assets. Can this be done in TRS22 PE?

I will post the kuid asset list of the 16 missing assets when I get home from work.

Thanks again for everyone's help.:)
I'm glad you narrowed your list down. Deleting the assets from the route config.txt file doesn't work and hasn't in quite a while, I think from TS2009 maybe if not a bit later. The reason is the assets are tracked in the route data files and even though they may be temporarily removed from the route by deleting them from the config.txt file, they will reappear again once the data is reloaded.

You can get the kuid numbers in Content Manager. Right-click on your route in CM and choose list dependencies. This will open up a new window and show not only the dependencies but also the total number of dependencies in the route. This doesn't count dependencies of dependencies though.

In Content Manager, I highly recommend displaying all the columns. To do this, right-click on the column header and add the missing ones. They will automatically and annoyingly be placed on the far right. You can then resize and drag them into the order you like. By clicking on a header, you can then sort them. By clicking on Status, you can put the missing assets together. By selecting those using left-click, shift on the first and then clicking on the last one while holding shift you can select all the missing assets. Right-click on those and you can open those in a new window.

Select all those assets, press CTRL+C and you can copy the list that you can paste here in the forums so we can help you find the missing ones.
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Hi John,
Thank you for your excellent instructions. Here is the list of the 16 missing assets of my route that refuse to be deleted:


Any help to identify these assets and where I can find them would be greatly appreciated.
I'll look around for this, and at least hopefully be able to give you leads as to where you can find these assets. I'm glad my instructions were helpful. This stuff can be a bit obtuse and difficult to put into words.


I'm sorry to say that I've had no luck finding any assets. There are some in your list that have mal-formed KUID numbers. The Kuid2:0: are not correct. The others though are SOL. Maybe someone else can find something.
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