Mass deleting missing kuids from route in TRS22

I recently got back into Trainz after a ten year hiatus, and installed TRS22 Platinum. Quite a change from using TRS04 so please forgive my question.

I need to remove over a hundred missing kuid's from a route I installed into TRS22. These missing kuid's are not available on the DLS.

I am new to using Content Manager. I checked the menu options in Content Manager and could not see a simple way to remove the missing kuids from the route.

Is there a simple way to mass remove all the missing kuids from the route by using Content Manager in TRS22 Platinum? (Without damaging the route)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome back!

First backup the route to a CDP file. This is a good thing to do anyway.

Simply import your route into TRS22 Platinum.

Open the route in Surveyor.
Click on the Tools (wrench and screwdriver) icon.
Click on Delete Missing Assets.

This can take awhile depending upon how big the route is. If you click on the little arrow next to the progress bar, you can watch the process occurring and there will be a report at the end showing what was deleted along with some warning or errors if any.


Previous post removed due to update to TRS22. The previous method required manually renaming files and editing the config.txt file. This is a welcome update!
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Thanks for your great advice. After using "delete missing assets" in surveyor, I have only 16 missing assets left on the route.

I created the route about 15 years ago and can't remember where I got the missing 16 assets. I tried doing a google search but that failed to find any of the items. There used to be a way of deleting the missing assets by removing them from the kuid list in the route config file. I am not sure if this can be done inTRS22 PE.

In TRS04 there was a key command that would show the kuid numbers of all the assets on the actual grid map in surveyor. Then you could go in and delete problem assets. Can this be done in TRS22 PE?

I will post the kuid asset list of the 16 missing assets when I get home from work.

Thanks again for everyone's help.:)