Bulk Asset Replacement (TRS22 Surveyor 1)


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Since migrating my route from TRS19 to TRS22 (Standard) I have successfully replaced many assets using bulk replacement to keep the route as best I can up to date. However I’m having issues updating my track-side hedges.

The hedgerows are made from a number of hedge, grass and wild flower splines laid together and overlaid with a good selection of individual bushes, trees and so forth. Any of these assets can be moved and deleted. Unfortunately while the discrete assets can be bulk replaced, none of the splines can be bulk replaced.

If I create a similar hedge today and all assets whether individual or splines can be bulk replaced. Running TRS19 these splines could still be bulk replaced prior to migration.

Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated. Peter
Sounds to me like a bug. Has it been reported?

I do have one idea, but you might not like it.

Abandon all of the work you`ve done after migration, and abandon the migration itself. Go back to Trainz19 and bulk-replace the splines, then remigrate it to Trainz22 and redo all of your hard work.

I didn`t think you`d like it.

Ok, I just had a second idea, but it isn`t a whole lot better (only a little better).

Just wait for N3V to get around to fixing the bulk-replace bug.

Didn`t think you`d like that one either.

I do hope that someone else can give you better news. All I can say is you said that any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.
Thank you, you are right on both counts. Its not the end of the world its just as others have updated their work, alternate hedge and grass splines together seem to create a more realistic result. I had also thought of just deleting the assets I wish to replace completely, and rework the each hedgerow but likewise a lot of time and effort for what is really cosmetic gain. Peter
It seems that all versions have bugs. Trainz 19 has a bug where if you try to merge a finished or mostly finished route to a finished or blank route then it hangs and you have to quit Trainz by ending task. But, if you merge a blank or mostly blank route to the route that you are in it merges. TANE didn't have this problem. But you can't move routes backwards to a previous version only forwards. I wonder if 22 has the merge problem fixed? Because if I have a route in 19 already I can't move it back to TANE to do a merge then move it back to 19.
There are definitely bugs with BURD utility. Using the selected assets option doesn't just replace the selected assets it also replaces adjacent non-selected assets as if it's selecting the assets in a large radius or arc-slice around the selection box. This makes updating track a trying experience when attempting to replace shiny track with a rusty one.