Creating a true "Blanked" locomotive/rollingstock texture


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This is my first time actually using the Forum, but I've been using Trainz pretty much since it came out, and have always tinkered with editing paint schemes and things like that (Mostly weathering and adding detail), but have never really mastered nor figured out how to properly "Blank" a texture file. Currently I am wanting to just make a true "Blank" texture on Jointed Rails' IAIS GP38 to see what it might look like. I do know how to paint engines and cars myself if they are already blanked out (Coming from MSTS where there are downloadable blank texture files, but I am wanting to learn how to do those myself to make it easier to paint things in Trainz. I use Paintshop Pro X9 as I like how simple and easy it is to use (Use it for IRacing paint schemes all the time.) Would any of the seasons painters out there be willing to show how to do a blank texture, or could steer an old guy in the right direction to some easy tutorials?

Much thanks in advance!

Basically there is a mesh and a texture file. The texture file is wrapped onto the mesh. How it is wrapped defines where the texture will be painted on.

Some assets are simply wrapped in such a way as to be too complex to reskin. Others are mapped to be easy to reskin. If you want to try your hand at UK rolling stock I can flip you the Blender mesh so you can see where each surface is mapped to the texture file. I may have a box car or two as well.

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I'll look around some more and see if I can dig anything up. The current way I paint locos just takes a huge amount of time is all.

Here is a official video from N3V.

You might want to ask in the Jointed Rail forum if they still offer re-skinning models which I believe is what you want.

Here is a TANE level video from a person that used to be with Jointed Rail.

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You might want to ask in the Jointed Rail forum if they still offer re-skinning models which I believe is what you want.


Oh those videos will be a really big help! I've been reskinning/ creating my own fictional railroad schemes for a long time in both MSTS and Trainz, but always found it super difficult when I couldn't say... just go on the DLS and download a blank texture file for a locomotive I wanted to paint. Over on MSTS, alot of the SLI locomotives and even some of the rollingstock had blank texture files uploaded to different websites by 3rd party users, that way alot of us that didn't know how to blank stuff "Properly" could have a premade blank texture file to use.

That might be something that would be really nice for Trainz as well.

I'll also check the JR fourms to see whats over there as well. I honestly never knew they had their own forums either lol.
Here is a official video from N3V.


That's really cool - I wish N3V would offer some blank UK models with a reskinning license, it would be a great way to multiply the number of models available in TRS19 and 22. For example the Mk1 coaches - currently the wrong colour, but we could sort that if they offered them in this way! :hehe: