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I am doing a small demo route to show how my cropduster aircraft work, I started a long time ago and may not actually upload it. I wanted to make it a bit more detailed for wider use, so included a narrow gauge sugar train railway, a town, schools, sports areas, police station, swimming pool etc. I decided to make it using mainly my models, as well as older models I now have 500 new models to upload.

To manage the upload, I need a sorted list of map dependencies from Content Manager of models that are not either Built-in or available on the DLS. The list helps me group models and dependencies for upload so I do not get the "Missing Dependencies" email from N3V.

I thought I might explain how to do this:

Set up filters in Content Manager:

Select the route;
Right-click and List Dependencies Recursively;
Add a filter Payware = False;
Add another filter Builtin = False;
Add another filter On Download Station = False;

This shows the dependencies you need to upload. You can sort the columns in Content Manager by clicking on the column heading, but I needed a sorted list to tick off as I uploaded models. This can be done in Excel:

Select all the entries in Content Manager (ctrl a);
Copy the entries (ctrl c);

Make a new text file in Notepad and paste the copied list (ctrl v)
Only the kuid and asset names are copied and you will find the previous sorted list is now scrambled in Notepad. It looks like this:

<kuid2:60238:38915:1> Parking Lot 3 Bay
<kuid2:60238:38811:1> Palletized Cargo Depot
<kuid2:60238:38923:1> Newsagent and Post Office

To get it into Excel for sorting we need to make it a comma delimited file (.csv). This means to separete the kuid and asset names by a comma so each is in a separate column in Excel.

In Notepad use the Edit Replace function, in Find what type < and in Replace with leave it blank, then Replace all. This removes the leading arrow symbol.

Use the Replace function again, in Find what type > followed by a space, and in Replace with type the comma symbol , then Replace All. You now have all the brackets removed and a comma between the kuid and the name. Save the file as text.csv for example. It looks like this:

kuid2:60238:38915:1,Parking Lot 3 Bay
kuid2:60238:38811:1,Palletized Cargo Depot
kuid2:60238:38923:1,Newsagent and Post Office

In Excel use the Open file to get the text.csv file (or just drag the file into Excel). The kuid list will be in the first column and the name in the second. Widen the columns to see the full width of the entries.

Sort these columns on the kuid number. Copy both columns sideways to another part of the spreadsheet and sort the two new columns on the Name. I can now see easily see what models to group in the uploads,

In Content Manager I select the models and groups to upload, and as I do so, I mark those models in Excel by changing the text colour to red, in the alphabetically sorted list so I do not upload models twice.

Hope this is useful.

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Oh do I like your example of how to use Content Manager for specific items.............

Have always believed in Content Manager as being a most powerful tool when handling certain distinct items of interest.....Sky's the limit so to speak. Just need the right Circumstances, ehhhh, Query items to open that door your looking for........

As well, I think Excel in the same vein of thought is truly one of the most powerful Database Manager, huge amount of Plugins available in the World, that'll give you pretty much of anything if you know technically, mathematically how to speak to it......

Thank you for sharing this example today.......:cool: