Create new session from saved session


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Hi all

Is it possible to create a new session from a saved session. At the moment I am running a session for about two hours and then at the end recording where all the stock is. I then move all the stock manually to it's new position and save as a new session.

Very tedious and time consuming. Is there a quicker way to do it?

I must also state that I use Brummfondels Path Control throughout the session and therefore cannot continue for longer than about 2 hours due to memory limitations. This also prevents me from saving a session and then continuing later as the loco's forget the paths at the restart.

Sorry, Peter. This is a no-go and something we've all wished for over the years.


Thanks for the reply John.

You never know this could be seen by someone at N3V that can do something about it.
We live in hope........

Philskene did some sessions back in the old days that followed on after each other. The cars were setup in the new session where they had been left in the previous one. I presume that is what you are doing now,
Would be great to be able to do it automatically.
Spot on Mike.

I would have thought it would be fairly easy to add the option of 'Save as new session' when saving a session in Driver.