CP 2816 Empress - MSTS to TRAINZ Conversion


I'm a 20 year Trainz vet. I've posted many now defunct reskins on old versions and kept most of my modern skins private.

Over those two decades the CP 2816 Empress has been hinted but never released as an easily downloadable version.

One fellow had a very nicely detailed model near completion, but health issues naturally set other priorities.

We've seen a few tries and failures. It's hard a project to learn an already hard skill.

Some have tried to convert MSTS and ended in frustration. I was successful converting the graphics, decompressing the shape file and converting it to a .m3d, then to an .im which works quite nicely in Trainz 2019. The problem was any attempt to edit the .m3d file breaks the textures. That made it impossible to get rid of the wheels, which were to be replaced by trainz bogeys. However, instead if you do nothing to the file and simply export it to a trainz .im it works!! Well, sorta. It's inverted and you still need swap out defaulted colour maps to the correct texture files and it's got wheels that don't turn.

No worries. Alpha ordering to the rescue. The wheels are now transparent. Okay cool, but it's just a mesh. No attachments... and it's still upside down.

I made an invisible clone of Ben Neal's (bdneal) fabulous freeware CP 2860 Royal Hudson and swapped a few things out and tweaked some numbers. Cleaned up some graphics. New fonts, logs etc.

Then I attached the body mesh and rotated it's orientation 180 degrees and BOOM, I have a fully functional 2816 Empress! steam scripts, steam sounds, smoke... even an Oh Canada horn. It's low poly. Needs LODs? I dunno, it's tiny. Perhaps a LOD2 with less scripting, so it at least runs as such.

I'm not sure I can release this because I am not the author of the shape file, but it's GREAT FINALLY having it in my collection. Runs great!



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yo, ive been trying to do the same with indian addons for msts

yo, ive been trying to do the same with indian addons for msts
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That's really good for an MSTS conversion! Where was that model originally from, if I may ask?

I downloaded it many years ago from the Canadian Pacific website. This is the copyright info within the package.

CPHS said:
This package has been produced as a fund raising effort for steam preservation in Canada. All fund collected through the sales of the Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotive Heritage Collection, less the cost of CD's and postage, will be donated to organizations furthering that cause. Donations will be made under the name CPHS and the donations will be attached to a letter explaining the true source of the funds, you the Train Simulator enthusiast.

CPHS would like to thank the Canadian Pacific Railroad for allowing the distribution of this package, use of there heritage liveries, and for waiving royalties so that we can provide the maximum possible donation to Canadian steam preservation.
Copyright and Distribution

This “Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotive Heritage Collection” Set is released as Restricted Distribution, by donation, Freeware. And is to be distributed solely by

Copyright (C) 2004 CPHS

As restricted distribution freeware you are permitted to use the files included on this CD subject to the following conditions:

- None of our original files, content, cabs, sounds, physics and or model(s) can or are to be used in or on any other project without the express written permission CPHS
- You may not modify or use any of the content herein for other than personal use without our express written permission.
- These files may not be re-distributed via any other medium without the express written consent of CPHS or their original authors.

The authors' rights and wishes concerning this archive must be respected.
Seems pretty clear that you can't share it legally without written permission. Given the current government in Canada, violating the law would not be wise.
I know that collection. Practically most of CP's steamers and rolling stock were included, including the Empress and Royal Hudson.
I know that collection. Practically most of CP's steamers and rolling stock were included, including the Empress and Royal Hudson.
They are really nice builds especially given their age. I've stuck with the original materials.

Shape File Manager decompresses the MSTS shape file. ShapeConverter converts it to .3ds files.

3D Object Converter will convert the .3ds to a .im mesh. TrainzUP IM Editor lets you add your attachments... bogeys, limfront, limback, lights, smoke etc.

DXT Image Tool and a PaintShop to deal with alphas, file types, resizing etc.

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