Cornish Railways (TS19) session issue

I'm not sure what is wrong with the Plymouth to Newquay session. It works when loading the session in surveyor then going straight into driver (with platinum edition) but not when going straight to drive session from the routes list and a few of the AI trains are missing drivers.

As for the Moorswater session it was made for an older version of the route, and the track which the loco was on no longer exists. The whole session needs rebuilding, but not got around to it.

The latest version of the route (1.4) can be downloaded from my site here:
In which the updated sessions are on the same page, a few of the version 1.3 sessions wont work due to the track being moved. Some of the old sessions on parts of the route which wasn't updated such as the St Ives, Falmouth and Looe ones should work, but haven't tested them properly to make sure.

But when loading the 1.4 version of the Newquay session all seems to be working.

I plan on eventually making more sessions at some point but it is very time consuming making and then testing them. If something doesn't work you have to go back then drive the whole session again until that point until the next bug etc.

Nevertheless, it was possible to fix the HST session. There was one of the AI train that went underground due to a change in the landscape. In survivor, I deleted the driver of this train and saved the session.