Cold Creek Logistics - Local Work - Switch List Confusing

After a long time I decided to try all three sessions inlcuded in Cold Creek Logistics pack. I successfully finished first two sessions, but at the third (and the hardest one) I'm quite confused.

As for the Switch List included in html commands I would have to pick up tankcar UTLX 641606 on Northern Energy and deliver UTLX 641728. OK, I understand I must find Northern Energy and couple my engine with tankcar there. But what to do next with car I picked up??

After that I will have to deliver UTLX 641728. Right, I found it on storage track and delivered to Northern Energy. But I still had picked up tankcar UTLX 641606 coupled. Is it right? Or there is a missing command like "spot cars you picked up before on track... AI train later grab them and take them to the Portal". If I'm wrong, I can't imagine myself how I will move through whole siding with increase numbers of pickuped cars. And in the end of instructions is wrote: "Once you have all cars in their proper positions, you need to park showing platform back at the shop and park the engine back where you started". Are you really mean with all cars I picked up? If not, where I might to spot them before I will park my engine?

Next example could be pick up two GCFX hoppers on spur track at Shulz Grain and delivered there MWGX and PPGX hoppers. MWGX and PPGX are standing on track where is also another string of cars, so I couldn't push those cars there, because my engine hasn't access to them from the right side. Only I should grab them on stand alone track and make "run around train". But it will takes so much time. By the way, I should deliver MWGX 25223 to Shulz Grain - there is only one MWGX car, but with the different number!

And last note - the CCL map has only one crossover, so for each move I have to run through whole long siding. Are you really sure I should need only 1 or 2 hours to complete all tasks? :)