Changing Control Settings


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I am attempting to change the Control Settings for my keyboard to change NUM 8, NUM 2 and NUM 5 to be DCC Throttle UP, DCC Throttle Down and DCC Stop. The defaults are: Primary W, X and S with Alternates . , and / Whenever I try to save, by clicking the "checkmark" and exiting, everything defaults to "None". What is going wrong here? This is exactly how I was able to change them in TS12, but it does not seem to work in T:ANE SP1.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

I have not had the need to change keys for either TS12 or T-ANE but KeyTweak, SharpKeys and IntelliType Pro are all common keyboard remapping utilities for Windows keyboards. If you are running Windows 10 there is a good chance Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Centre is already installed on your computer, look under Start, All Apps. Most major keyboard manufacturers, Cherry, Microsoft, Logitech, Coolmaster etc. provide a range of keyboard utilities via their web support page. Peter
When you change KB commands, you disable the original KB commands, and need to alter the original KB commands as well ... My advice ... use the original KB commands ... alter the KB commands and you might break the game