Changes on Microsoft's site regarding DirectX - please read


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Hi Trainzers,

I've noticed that Microsoft have been changing their links for the DirectX 9 websetup download (the redistributable links have not been altered). This means that the link on my Updating DirectX pages for the websetup version is no longer valid as it now points to the Windows 10 media creator page.

There is a 'new' link floating around on here ( but be aware that this version will only work for Windows versions up to Windows XP (according to the page in question up to Service Pack 1).

Anyone who has a later version of Windows will need to use the redistributable version - link and instructions for this are on my DirectX update thread at Also available from this thread is a link to my DXInstallHelper automated tool which can automatically download and install the redistributable for you.

There are third-party links available for the websetup version that covers Windows XP Service Pack 2 and 3, but I haven't been able to verify these at the time of this post.

Hi Shane,

Thank you for updating this info. This is a recent thing as the linked worked previously a few months ago. I will say that for people who use Steam, they include a copy of DX09c with the games. This is the full runtime install which was downloaded by your utility. In addition for those people that own EVGA video cards, their PrecisionX utility require DX09 and other DirectX versions to operate and they include the DX09c runtime install as part of their application.