Central Portal Control - uncouple?


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I am emitting a train from a portal.. It is supposed to go to a siding, uncouple from its consist and return to the portal.

At times, in the past, this has worked ok. But.... now I cannot get an uncouple command to appear in the portal's command list. Strangely. a simple couple command will also not appear in the command list. Other commands appear. Same thing in copies of of TRS19-117009, TRS 2022 Beta-123059 and TRS-122411.
My objective is to have another railroad drop a car(s) for my local road to distribute. It has to uncouple to return home.
I just placed a new Basic Portal in a TRS19 SP5 Route, then added a consist and driver, and in the driver commands, the Decouple command is there, but when I hover over it, it goes gray and does not flyout. Not sure if your Uncouple command is based on the Decouple command (same script) and it has some obsolete functions or something.

What is the kuid of the Portal you are using? Is the command there, but grayed out?
Uncouple will not work because the consist has not been created. Portal trains only get a number when they have exited the portal. You can use Uncouplez as this works in a different way.
Thanks for the info. So, I try to add the UncoupleZ and then I cannot see how to add a command to the Central Portal manager. Totally forgot....
There are several driver orders on the DLS that allow decoupling the Nth car of a consist. They all work along the same principle: they refer to the car position in the consist, while the built-in "Decouple" refers to the car name, so it cannot be used before the car exists in the game.

In the past, I used the first three in my sessions with portal-generated consists and they all worked fine: the first one is only suitable for European-sized trains, the other two are more suited for U.S. trains. I have never used CPC, however, so I cannot tell if they work in that context.

UnCouplezFrom <KUID:293370:100016> (up to 20 cars, if I remember correctly)

Decouple DLX <KUID2:160293:100120:2> (up to 99 cars)

DecoupleN2 <KUID2:400260:423247:12> (up to ~70 cars)
I have never used these three orders, but they appear to be similar to the previous ones:

Decouple Tail N <KUID2:46162:70003:11>

Decouple Head N <KUID2:46162:70002:12>

CDE Decouple DLX <KUID2:647907:100949:2>

As regards to coupling, I used the driver order below to have the AI pick up cars, and it never failed me:

Couple At Trackmark <KUID2:57145:81100:1>
I need some clarification. You say that you are portal generating consists but not using Central Portal Control. May I ask what process do you use for emitting your consists into your route?

And, THANKS for the information on the various couple and decouple orders. I never knew those options existed. I spent most of my time with route creation and now finding the use of the routes can be quite complex.
I used the "Un-portal" rules to generate variable consists in my sessions: I have been away from Trainz for a while, however, and I don't know if this approach still works in TRS19.

The portal you use to generate the train should not(*) affect the orders you gave to the driver, anyway.

(*) I wrote "should not" because, as a friend of mine use to say "Trainz always does something, but often this is not what we wanted"