DeCoupling Again?


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Yes, I know this is a repeat.
Using the Central Portal Control to emit a train for service on my railroad. Had a local issue and have to redo a session. CPC does not display the CDE Decouple command in its list of approved commands.. However, it does display the Decouple command. BUT, it is not selectable despite being on the list. There are Uncouple commands in the Content Manager but they do not appear in the approved list of commands in the Central Portal Control commands.
Very frustrated.
- Click on "Search"
- for Search term enter "decouple"
- in "By:" box enter "boleyd"
- Hit return
- Of the results found note the 4th one down (as of this time and date) - "Central Portal Control - uncouple."
I think that's what you are looking for maybe?
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For anyone else who might run into boleyed's problem, the reason uncouple is not selectable is because the command needs the name of the car to be uncoupled. As you know the cars are named by the asset name plus a number based on how many others copies of it are in the route. You can try the command 'uncouplefrom#' which allows you to tell the AI driver which to uncouple from based on its position in the consist. For example: uncouple from # 15th car from the front engine. Just keep in mind that the command counts 0, 1,2,3...15. So to have the AI to uncouple 15 positions back you need to give the command 'uncouplefrom14.