Can I change timing on animated industry?

Can I change the timing on the animation within an industry? For example: FORESTRY (kuid 25:521) or FORESTRY BASIC (kuid 25:1231). Is it possible to edit how often it refills, or how long it takes to refill the log supply? I'm actually trying to slow down the process and ideally, I'd like to put a pause in the loading cycle.
In surveyor, pick the industry (Forest or Forestry Basic). Then select the Question Mark (?) in the lower right of the Objects dialogue box and left click on the industry. It opens the industry information which can be edited. For Forestry, every 30 seconds x logs are produced. And there is a start amount, e.g., 25 logs. You should be able to enter a zero in the production rate which will pause production. Production rates must be in whole numbers.