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Hi All,
So lately I've been experiencing this issue where I try to use turntables on my routes - I'm able to drive the loco onto the turntable without turning it, but when I try putting the turntable on a different road the track doesn't line up properly and the loco derails.
It's affected most of the turntables I have installed, including Steve Flander's 65ft GWR turntables (Quite a shame, because they became my go-to for 22)
The turntables with stubs seem to still be working ok, but I'm hesitant on using the AJS turntable as it doesn't fit the vibe I was aiming for with my routes.

Is there anyone else having the same issues? and if so, has a fix to this been found?

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That would be the asset itself and has nothing to do with the simulation.

If you are to use the lead-in track pieces, something I don't know the name of actually, then they will be the same size as the track on the turntable. These are fixed-track parts that literally clip on to the turntable. They are a bit fiddly to put in place with some turntables being better than others and there have been some issues with them.
I think this is absolutely a bug.

I have recently created a turntable and have had the connected radial tracks all become disconnected just by using the turntable (clicking the icons), in which case you will see exactly what happens above, the locomotive can reach the edge of the track and it will derail. What is worse is that it happens sometimes, but not all of the time therefore is very difficult to diagnose. After noticing this I tried several other existing turntables and all had the intermittent disconnect issue. I confirmed none of the same assets had this problem in TRS19.

edit: here is a small video demonstrating. You can see the tracks disconnect as soon as the turntable is moved:

build 123794
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Ok so after thorough research and testing, I've come down to the Turntables where the problem is present:
All of these ones I've tested in TRS22 build 123799, and some come from content packages that I'm not sure if they're a T+ or TRS22 Platinum exclusive thing or not...
Either way, I do hope that the N3V devs can find the problem and fix it, as I've no clue why in TRS19 SP5 these work just fine, yet in TRS22 SP3 the problem remains...
Yes I have had this type of issue with turntables in TS22. I doubt anyting will come from the Devs now. They are all probably working on the next editions TS24 etc. 22 probably being left behind, despite all the rule scripts that got screwed up by the 'developments' in 22!