BR Standard 9f Cab Black missingkuid


Hi there

Don't know if anyone can help with this missing kuid. One of my favourite locos - an excellent model by Paul Hobbs - has stopped working. It is now telling me I am missing "BR Standard 9f Cab Black,<kuid2:101839:52000:4>. Is there any way I can get this. It is not coming up on the download station. Any help is appreciated.



That kuid version is shown as built in on my TS12 which suggests it may be an asset included in the S&C DLC route and therefore it may not be on the DLS. I don't have TS2010 installed so I can't check in that version. It is made by lielestosbrat and not Paul Hobbs.


Thanks for all your advice. I am corrected; the maker was "lielestosbrat". I have found the missing kuid for the 9F "Black Prince" cab, but it is now showing as defective, so it looks like I'm snookered. The kuid for the cab is ok on the "Evening star" version. Is there any way I can use it as it has a different number?

The Black Prince cab is showing as being faulty? If you right-click on it and select View Errors and Warnings and then copy the errors here, we can help you get it working. :)

Hi Kieran

Found a working asset of 9F cab, but now the 9F Black Prince is showing as obsolete? Strange... is was working before.

Thanks anyway
Hi Jules,

Obsolete means there's a new version available.

If you right-click on it and click on 'View Asset Versions', you should be able to see the newest version and be able to update. It shouldn't break anything.

Hello I am using TANE. I've also had a problem with the 9f (double chimney black). For ages I've been trying to get it to work and only this morning did I succeed (slightly) . The kuids for the interior, engine sound and spec, and horn, written in the config, did not match the actual kuid of the assets (eg. 9f hornsound) that were installed with the loco as dependants. Once I had corrected these I encountered a problem with the cab - a similar problem to the loco, where the attachments' (eg. regulator handle) kuids were 'unknown'. I went through the config correcting the kuids to the actual kuid of the asset listed on the content manager 'installed section'. Some assets like the cab shell weren't even installed at all so had to be acquired from the DLS. However as I got through the list in the config, many of the attachment names listed did not correspond to those of any assets whether installed or on the DLS. An example was regulator body. That was the name on the config. All I could find elsewhere was regulator handle and and at least 4 seemingly identical 'regulator parts', no sign of anything similar to regulator body. This meant there was no asset I could copy the kuid from and paste in the config. Eventually, in my haste to see the 9f on my route I temporarily slapped an ivatt cab on instead (by then I had already changed the horn and engine sounds for different ones of my own preference - this caused no problems). Having submitted the asset another error popped up. As if it couldn't get worse! The error read something like '(some kuid number I can't remember) is unknown. Having tracked the number down I found that it was the smoke texture that was unknown. I copied the kuid from one of many smoke steam effects by lielestobrat (I don't know whether it matters which one you use). This ended the continuous line up of errors trainz had waiting for me and I was eventually able to use the engine. I didn't take note of the smoke texture but I did notice that the engine sound only played for the first few seconds of running, then it stopped making any sound. I understand this could well have been a one off glitch.
Thanks for reading this rather long post. I wonder if anyone could help me with this. Is there another version that will work straight away on T:ANE without all this bother as it is such a lovely engine otherwise.
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