Bought TMR17 Bundle, Missing Sessions


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I've wanted to buy the TMR17 Bundle for a while now, and seeing the bundle for $10 on the sale I decided to bite. They look like really high quality routes, and they still look quite good in TRS22...however, I am missing sessions for both Appen and Japan Model Trainz. It looks like both came with sessions, but neither have any. I haven't installed Port Zyd and Brazemore Yard so I'm not sure if either of those still have their sessions, but all of the other routes I did install (3) had sessions. I dunno if all of them are there, but they certainly have sessions. Is anyone else experiencing this glitch? Should I try reinstalling the two routes?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Both should have sessions

Hi Andrew, Appen should have two sessions, - one named Freight Service, the other named Passenger Service. Japan Model Trains should have five sessions; - Freight and Emergency Service, Max Shinkansen, Minato Express, Minato Express Early 90s, and Rush Hour.

My copy of TMR17 is the standalone version not intended to be added to TANE so I don't know if that makes a difference.

For what it's worth, Appen's sessions don't work in TRS22 anyway so finding and installing them is probably a waste of time.
For what it's worth, Appen's sessions don't work in TRS22 anyway so finding and installing them is probably a waste of time.

I still regularly run TANE despite owning TRS22 so it might depend on what Andrew wants to do.

Since Apple ditched OpenGL support in 2018 (which I believe is the only graphics engine TANE Mac supports), TANE runs very iffy on Rosetta (I have an Apple Silicon Mac), sometimes it loads up fine, but most of the time it crashes. I may just quickly install it and the TMR routes in that version just to check it out, but also considering I have a few assets in TRS22 SP1 I can't move over to TRS19, meaning I'm stuck with this version for the time being. I guess at least I can still run the routes. They seem to be ok in terms of the asset itself, as in no missing or faulty dependencies.
Even on T:ANE the Appen sessions did not work right. The Passenger service got to the station, but when you try to pull away, the junction won't change, and if you try to go against the signal, of course you lose. I believe I did finally complete the Freight session in T:ANE, but in 2019 you can't even get a driver to the loco to get started.
Wow, so there were issues in TANE? That's...hmm. That's weird, aren't TANE and TMR17 similar build numbers? (Like 4...4.4, 4.3? for TANE SP1 and TMR17?)
Here is a post about the passenger session. I was pretty sure I posted about the same thing, but I couldn't find it. Note the OP is running T:ANE DLX. I had purchased TANE Std and then bought the TMR and Deluxe bundles later. In the session you pull the passenger train into the station, then have to decouple and run the engine around and couple up to the other end. But then when you try to leave, you find the junction set against you and there is no way to change it. I know I put in a help ticket to no avail.
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TMR17 was a slightly newer version of the TANE engine, meaning it was something like SP2 and a half, and at one point ahead of the TANE version that was out at the time.

Appen is a cute little route that was frustrating to drive when it was included with TMR.
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Wow, those updates look really beautiful, Phil! If I may ask, how were you able to upgrade these routes so well? I've thought of upgrading some of the ancient Trainz routes to more modern standards and I feel it's difficult to get an old route looking new, so I'm intrugued as to what you did. Thanks for sharing!
Andrew --

I stripped the textures back to the bare baseboard. Replaced the track with the newer PBR tracks. Retextured with PBR textures. Added SpeedTrees. Added TurfFX and Cluster effects.