Beyond The Fence (courtesy of Cyril Freezer)


I've recently been modelling the steam age in the UK and to help my research I opened up some boxes of books that I packed away back in 2012 when I made a house move.
The boxes have now been opened and I came across a book by Cyril (C.J.) Freezer called "Modelling the Steam Age Railways".
A very informative book, my copy was published back in 1990 and contains many pages of info that can be useful for modelling in Trainz.

The last chapter in this book is entitled "Beyond the Fence" and is about what lies beyond the railway lineside fence.
He does say that the level of detail is up to the builders own preferences, detailed or basic depending on the setting.
So, I have started this thread for me and you to show what has been done 'Beyond the Fence' in your Trainz routes/models.

Today I will show you a Castle for the Laird, which is a feature of one of my future freeware releases.

All parts are by author masontaylor.





Please join in, show what you have alongside your railway, whether it's a townscape, industrial scene or just a scenic view.

The more we share, the better our routes will be.
Well done Graham, a mighty fine idea this thread.

Thanks to Mason Taylor we can all own a Scottish castle or two.



Cheers, evilcrow
It's amazing to see how those very early assets hold up to scrutiny even today, and great to see just how far the original box-of-bricks concept can be taken. Well done, both!

[I'm aware that things from me seem to have gone a tad quiet: It's partly due to pushing myself too hard to accommodate all the extra textures that turned out to be necessary for the factory kit to look right in different lighting settings in TS19, and even more so due to my having to mind a business for a family member who's away just now, which is taking up much more of my time and effort than I'd ideally like: retirement was busy enough already!

There's plenty more on the way: it will just take rather longer than I hoped, as this particular bout of managing has been considerably extended beyond its original planned duration.

Looking at the mansion kit, I can see that it's yet another series that could do with a fresh start! 48hr days and 10 day weeks would be really useful just now!]


Great to see some contributions to the thread and a good variety too.

further to my opening post, the Laird's Castle now has a home farm, here is the bacon and egg production line..... :)


I would have liked to add some haggis, but they are so difficult to find and the Laird hasn't bagged any yet :hehe:
Great stuff Graham. Wonder if you'd be interested in uploading 'suburbia' as a standalone module that people can use with their routes?

What a good idea paul, that just might be a possibility.:)
That's a new itch that I'll just have to scratch.

There are 2 housing estates on the route, one at each end of a huge marshalling yard. (which will be released at some point)
The suburb that I haven't shown is more industrial which uses lots of Mason's housing and factory units.
So there is a chance of 2 new route add-on modules in the future.

I'll get some images made of the second one.
OK, I've done a bit of research and it will be possible to make 4 Suburbia modules with a bit of tweaking.

Firstly carrying on from the first set of screenies this is what is at the other end of the huge yard..




There is a lot of work to be done yet, but the task will get done

Now for the modules,
This is the location of the first set of screenshots, the ruler shows the baseboard joint, so 2 modules or one 2 board module are possible.


At the opposite end suburbia spreads the length of 4 baseboards, 2 modules are possible due to the location of the baseboard joints.



The above area also has a tunnel under the houses and a 2 platform station with 2 freight lines down the centre.

All I need now is time :)
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Well that's looking great! Having these to hand will save a lot of time laying out streets.
What is missing is streetlights...

Soooooo..I am working on some streetlight splines to make my life easier.
The trouble with light splines is that nightmode won't work.
But if you want night light you can manually replace the hundreds needed :)
I've got 2 lots completed and when I've got enough variety I'll get them installled and on the DLS.