Activate and deactivate sound


TRS22 - Build 119451

Working on a WIP in Surveyor mode with a Road asset – K 2:76096:100190:4 – was positioning a static vehicle and unintentionally triggered a sound effect – sudden loud engine noise from all the passing vehicles, plus blaring horn sounds from vehicles at nearby junctions. These sound effects persisted for the rest of session. This morning; as before - total silence!

What specific command did I trigger and how might I intentionally, activate and deactivate it in the future?

Second query – waiting passenger figures at railway stations (eg: CNR 3rd class station and Brick Station Medium). The figures are excellent, but their 21st century style of clothing is out of step with my 1930/1950 modelling period. I know the problem and a solution have been raised before in the Forum but I haven’t been able to find it.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Pitmilly. Below are some notes I kept from that time. I hope they are complete enough to work for you, I have yet to test it. The bold line at the bottom may be all you need. I don't have a follow-up note as to whether they made it so you could do a passenger set by region or not:

If you do wish to make the <kuid:-25:1355> Prod Passengers 2012 (legacy, 1950s attire) passenger set appear as the default passenger set in your entire Trainz installation, you can use the following steps to obsolete the new <kuid:-25:1487> Prod Passengers 2020 commodity with the legacy passenger asset:

1) Install <kuid:-25:1355> from the DLS
2) Edit the config (right click -> edit -> Edit Config File Text)
3) Copy and paste the following at the bottom of the config file:

0 <kuid:-25:1487>

4)Submit the asset.

This should then obsolete the new default passenger asset with the '1950s' style passenger asset on all stations and rolling stock that use the default passenger asset.

To revert this change, simply either delete the obsolete-table entry, or delete and re-download the legacy passenger asset.

NOTE: If the asset is marked as packaged (ie if you have Potteries Loop Line installed), then you will also need to convert the .texture files using a tool such as images2tga from PEV.

We do have a task in our system to look into options for making the passengers set by region, or similar, however I don't have any timeframe for when any changes may come along for this.'

Note: If you just want the old passengers for Settle and Carlisle and the new ones for other routes, just Install <kuid:-25:1355> and adjust its config.txt as above to suit your needs.

Your script worked perfectly - once I got my brain in gear. Mission accomplished!


Have yet to explore car asset sound effects.

I think at one time Dave Snow created a silent sound file that would replace the one that caused all the traffic noise. I think maybe it goes in the region file? Not sure.
I think at one time Dave Snow created a silent sound file that would replace the one that caused all the traffic noise. I think maybe it goes in the region file? Not sure.
I think it is one of his regions. Look for one of the Right-hand drive ones for that.
Possible solution:

Rename (all) the the sounds you don't want to hear.

Do a file search with TotalCommander (my most favorite proggie) or another files program.

For me that is:

G:\trs19\resources\builtin\base\content\kuid 570470 100003\sounds\cars\horn0.wav
G:\trs19\resources\builtin\base\content\kuid 570470 100003\sounds\cars\horn1.wav
G:\trs19\resources\builtin\base\content\kuid 570470 100003\sounds\cars\horn2.wav
G:\trs19\resources\builtin\base\content\kuid 570470 100003\sounds\cars\horn3.wav

Rename horn0.wav to 000_horn0.wav

Now the program can not find that file to play but that's not any problem, it's just being ignored.
No more irritating honkytonky.

In the same directory are a more files that can be ignored or changed like this.

Keep the sounds name original with only something different in front.
You can find them if you want to change it back again.
But beware, don't mess things up!