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Hey all,

I am using one of bendorsey's lift bridges on a route I'm building. However, the invisible track that crosses the bridge does not appear on the mini-map and does not seem to register with the signals at the ends of the span.

Is there a way to fix this?


Really... There's like 4000 of them to pick from. :)

Can you supply the KUID number and the name so we can investigate.
All my interactive bridges use invisible track and are done as kind mocrossing to take advantage of code built into Trainz to operate them without the necessity of a separate script file. This means Trainz does not see the track as having a break in it when the bridge is open. As for signaling - I haven't a clue as I don't run Trainz to run trains but there are oodles, heaps, and gobs of folks who do and are willing to help.

As JCitron sez - which one (by name and kuid please).

Sorry! Its the Goethals Lift Bridge 1K, KUID <kuid2:210518:10566:1>
Clint -- I'll check out that, thanks!!
I just put it on a pair of blank baseboards in TRS2004 and looked at it in maps view. It was there. In fact I couldn't tell where the bridge stopped and the regular track started.

Signals are a different (and to me unknown) kettle of fish.

Hello RR325,

I suppose you are working in TS2009, so I tested the Goethals lift bridge 1K in TRS2009. The bridge functions without any difficulties and is visible in mini map. You can always give a specific name to the bridge using properties ( using the ? ).

What kind of signals ( name, kuid ) do not function at the end of the span?

Best regards

Kurt :wave:

Nevermind! Did an asset repair and a restart, all working. Thanks so much, and sorry again.
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