Bridges? Track Types?


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I want to model the Oregon Trunk between Bend and Madras, Oregon. Its scenic highlight is the magnificent steel arch bridge over the Crooked River.

The only bridges I can find anywhere are a nice mutliple-span Warren truss and single- and double-track plate girders.
From searching the Wiki for "Bridge 2019" (after getting a lot of chadff about older versions), I got this at HowTo/Build a Bridge - TrainzOnline (

HowTo/Build a Bridge

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Bridges and tunnels work much the same way as for normal track but can be a little harder to lay due to the type of terrain involved. It is sometimes easier to make the bridges and tunnels on flat ground then move them into place.
Select the Track Type “Bridges” by clicking on the Track Type arrow keys, then scroll through the list of bridges until you find the bridge type you are looking for. To place the bridge, select the Add Track (A) tool and lay the bridge just like you do for laying track.

Okay, well and good. But where are the "Track Type Arrow Keys?" I had no more luck finding them than I did a steel arch bridge.

Bridges in Trainz come in two types. Spline bridges that are built in the same way as spline track is built. You create small segments that repeat as you stretch out the bridge. It sounds like you want the other type that is a fixed bridge that is built as an object and appears under the object menu in Trainz. These don't stretch and don't repeat. You place them on the baseboard in the same way as a building is placed.

I would suggest that you have a look at the collection of assets made by bendorsey to see if he made something close to what you are looking for. Ben made a lot of bridges including many iconic ones. Sadly, he passed a few years ago. But you may be able to examine one of his fixed bridges to see how they work. From there it is just a matter of coming to terms with Blender to build your own.
Two bridges that might substitute would be the Niagara Canyon Bridge which is a set bridge like a building. It is white in color but looks good. The other suggestion, which is closer to your bridge if I found the right picture, is the CPR Stony creek bridge which is a track spline in the track tab. Got them both from the download station and will work in your version of trainz. Hope this helps