Automatic Fireman in TRS22 PE


Pre-Grouping Railways Nut
I have only recently downloaded my retail copy of TRS22 PE and on taking my recently purchased K&L PRR 'Texas' J1 out for a run I noticed that the automatic fireman was slacking, - in fact the lazy beggar was doing nothing at all. I know this is an older legacy engine originally made for Trainz 2.4 and that's why it was at a bargain price in K&L's sale that's running at present, - but I thought all would be fine since I have the maximum compatibility setting switched on. However it seems that this isn't so.
Is this a thing now? - the automatic fireman no longer working? I wouldn't mind so much, but this is one hungry and thirsty engine when it gets going.

I'm running TRS22 PE in Linux with all the latest patches and updates loaded in.

Further testing with a slightly more manageable Pennsy G5 'Ten Wheeler' helped me to discover that the settings for the automatic fireman are no longer saved in Surveyor and that they need to be set in Driver each time the 'Advanced Steam Controls' are used. The Pennsy 'Texas' is an older model than the G5 so I should really run the test again with that old monster just to be sure.