Auran need to get out more.


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All Ive ever asked for is UK-type trees, in particular, Poplar trees as they had replaced them with Aspin trees in TANE.

On the 24th some trees appeared on the DLS, yahoo, most of them are great, but really, what the hell is up with the Poplar tress, have they just survived a tornado (and not the A1 loco type) or maybe a chainsaw massacre.
Get out more, go have a look at some poplars please, I beg you. I'm guessing you maybe thought it might help keep the frame rate up if you put less of a "bush" on the tree, but honestly, why half munted looking things like that.


And now for a poplar tree.


And why do they all go a brighter green the further you get away from them, trees don't do that in RL, and neither do any of the non-Auran trees on the DLS. Please if you need some photos or something, let us know and we can help, Im sure google might also be of help.

Go copy the ones from TS12, they were perfect for the job.

Still waiting on Poplar Trees....
Those are aliens....

The lighting issue is something that they are working on like everything else. It's like an old house, I suppose. :)

Aspens are related to Poplars but are not quite the same. Like Poplars, they quake at the slightest breeze and are shaped totally different though.
The poplars might look a bit better without the "silver" bark......... hmm it appears we can edit them, just looked at the library and tga's all present.