Needing help on a QLD area Wholestick Cane Truck winch.

Hi all

I am trying to make a wholestick cane truck (Racecourse type and then Moreton type. I cannot find good clear photos of the winch on them though. I've gone through the arsm records, no luck. Might someone out there have a clear pic they can post??
I am building these two types first as I have plans for them. Should I find other plans for wholestick trucks from other mills I am not at all opposed to making them too.

Also updating my autos from 20 years ago as I finally found their GMAX files.

Thank you in advance

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All right guys, appropriate pictures of wenches only! :p It reminds me of the time when a friend was doing the children's message at church on Father's Day. My young son (via his mother) had gotten me a set of crescent wrenches for Fathers Day. My friend asked the kids if they had gotten their fathers anything for Fathers Day and my son said "I did!", My friend asked what he had gotten for me, and he repied "A wench". My friend did a double-take and then said "A wench? Well, I bet he enjoyed that!" The congregation roared with laughter!

On a serious note, thank you for updating these vehicles, Wecsailorjr. they will be enjoyed for many years to come!
Not sure what type of wagon it is, but this does show the winch though not very clearly.
Sugar cane wagon empty
A pity the photo wasn't taken from the other end.

Even the family photos I have only show people cutting cane or loaded wagons side on. (actually I think they were called cane trucks not wagons.)
Both granddad and his brother owned cane farms in Redlynch which had to be harvested by hand and loaded ready for the loco to collect.

edit - found this you-tube video (check around the 1.20 mark for a demo of how it was done.

PS. I hope you meant WINCH and not WENCH as there weren't many photos of wenches on trains.;)
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