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Appreciative Trainzer
I may have missed the Memo on this one - so advance apologies.
I am using 22 Trainz+ and I've discovered a lot ( but not all) assets in Build 4.5 don't show up in the content box in-game (but do show up as OK in Content Manager).
hminsky's Trees | DG uintah reskins are just a couple of examples.

Also a few tree assets in 3.8, particularly from Auran.

Is there a fix for this?
As usual I appreciate all the help I get.
I don`t know about the current assets, but from what I`ve read here, the old Auran SpeedTrees are a bit problematical. Are the old Aura trees you`re having problems with by any chance SpeedTrees?

The old Auran Speed Treez build 3.8 and below are faulty and won't load due to the changes in the code in the Speed Tree libraries. When N3V upgraded from 32-bit to 64-bit Speed Trees when T: ANE was introduced, there was no upgrade path. IDV, now Unity, offers no upgrade between 32-bit to 64-bit versions causing all the old trees to become obsolete.

I checked my content and I found build 4.6 assets installed without errors. I verified the content by setting the minimum build to 4.6 in the search filter in Classic Surveyor, copying the name of the asset and checking the version in Content Manager. While I did find newer assets, I did also find build 4.6 as well.

Other than running a DBR, I can't think of anything else to do.
As John said faulty assets won't show in game. Sometimes assets will install without faults in Content Manager but will show as faulty after a DBR.
Thanks Guys.
Really appreciate your replies.
Did a DBR. Doesn't seem to have helped.
My go-to test: hminsky's collection of trees - JVC:BP XXXX uploaded Nov 2019 Build 4.5
None of them work
From what you suggest I should regard these as "faulty".

It seems that Build 4.5 was quite erratic.
In-game some 4.5 show as thumbnails in the preview box, while others are just listed - but can be placed in-game.
And there are ones that don't show up at all.
Thanks again
Sometimes assets will install without faults in Content Manager but will show as faulty after a DBR.
Sometimes an asset will install clean but throw errors when you View errors and warnings.

Sometimes an asset will install faulty but show clean when you View errors and warnings.

Sometimes an asset will install clean but throw errors after a Database Rebuild.

Sometimes an asset will install faulty but show clean after a Database Rebuild.

None of these things should ever happen, but sometimes they do.

Sometimes View errors and warnings will correct an incorrect flag. Sometimes it won`t.

I`ve frequently had an asset that I`m developing Submit with an incorrect status. It often corrects after a View Errors, but once a clean asset submitted as faulty and showed as faulty even after several View errors and warnings said otherwise. It took a DBR to clear the incorrect faulty flag.

Is there anything about this wonderful toy that is not strange, @nicke?
I think you are referring to the last set of trees that Hminky uploaded before family and health issue made him retire from the community. These were reskins of some experimental trees by Jankvis and made at about the same time. I don't know if they were ever uploaded to the DLS. There was a thread by Jankvis in the Freeware Announcement forum about them. You could search for it under his username. Links to them were provided in that thread. Of course, as I remember there were some issues with them in TRS19 that Jankvis was trying to work out but he seems to have abandoned the project. Both Hminky's and Jankvis' trees work fine in TANE. This idea of a billboard speedtree was showing real promise.

As far as the issue with previews in game, if an asset has a proper thumbnail image then it will show but some "creators" can't be bothered to create them so there is nothing to display or in some cases the asset is an "reskin" of someone's else asset and the "re-skinner" doesn't change the thumbnail so it doesn't match the asset at all.
Hi Guys.
Again, I appreciate your interest.
I picked the hminsky trees because he had obviously done an upgrade of Jan's - and because the ones I referenced also had a .1 upgrade.
"strange" - because no errors - no warnings or other indication they are faulty and not acceptable.
The trees look great - but I'll move on now.

I have been part of the Trainz family since May 2002, building one fictional route, upgrading it through all the iterations to Trainz+.
MasterTrackLayer - meeting the challenges of this "wonderful toy" has been the best part - and being able to ask about the "strange" bits and getting generous help, very gratifying.
Thanks all of you again for your input.
Awww, @nicke, that makes feel "all warm and gooey inside", figuratively speaking. You deserve a <hug>, at least all the good parts of one, anyway. I find giving help to be more gratifying, myself. I have no clue when I bought my Trainz 2004/2009/2010, but I actually bothered to go online and register my copy of Trainz 2004 on 2007 October 16 --somehow it feels like it should be much earlier than that-- and I actually bought Trainz22PE online about a week or so before Christmas, and until then, I`d always been the Lone Trainzman. Never even considered the forums back then. What do I love about Trainz? Well, for me it is not a railroad simulator; instead, it is the only model railroad simulator that I have ever encountered anywhere, and besides that, I get to program it! The urge to code is undeniable and irresistible.

Oops, I think I`m swerving off-topic a smidge, but this wonderful toy is just so... so... so wonderful that it is beyond words, and this even with (or in part because of?) all of those weird oddities that usually bother people so much.

Ok, I`ve really gotta stop this now. More messages to read!

Now that you've piqued our curiosity, can you past a copy of the errors here?

I've been here since December 28, 2003. How time flies!
Being tomorrow already, I'm always last to the conversation.
Thank you all for continuing your interest.
MasterTrackLayer - sorry to make you all "gooee", but Trainz is like that.
Wreeder - thanks for digging out Harold's Forum posts. Interesting to read about Harold's input into Jan's sensational creations.
John - no errors show for any of the Build 4.5 assets that don't show in game.
The frustrating thing is so many of the Build 4.5 assets are OK
Some examples from my route:
the jetty kit KHK_steg02 | JVC: Trackside spline | JVC Wildflowers | JR EM road markings | JR US Town house.
It's the few (mostly very good ones) that are hidden.

MTL - thanks for the update on Harold. So many of us are older and when people become inactive I get concerned that they are OK.
@nicke, that "all warm and gooey inside" is nothing to be sorry for. That would be like apologizing for remembering your wife`s birthday instead of for forgetting it. I dunno if you have one, but I trust you get the idea.

...and it wasn`t Trainz that did that, it was your kind words.
That really is odd, Nick.

Have you by chance tried an EDBR? Press CTRL while selecting Rebuild database. This will take more time and may or may not (we don't know at this point) resolve the problem. When it's completed, open Content Manager. Change the screen to Faulty. Highlight any faulty content, right-click, and choose view errors and warnings. This will remove anything that's not faulty. To refresh the screen, you'll have to exit from that screen by changing to installed and then returning. If there are any remaining assets, these will have to be repaired or replaced.
Hi again.
I've stopped blushing now MasterTracklayer.
John thanks for the EDBR tip. Didn't think about the advanced one.
I did it overnight.
There are hundreds of assets in Build 4.5. Most are OK. in fact less than 5 "faulty" altogether in 4.5.
After the repair I'm sure I now have a number more that are OK (including a large range of object assets prefixed Denlog)- but
the original problem assets remain unavailable:
A selection of JVC (later) trees - including Blueprint, NM and BP (Harold's upgraded NM and BP) | Dangavel's reskins (Blueprint and "rwy" series + a lot of upgraded JVC reskins) are the ones I have been hoping to fix.

Even though this mission hasn't been successful I have found several other "forgotten" assets I have now noted to use - and had a good clean-out of obsolete files.
Next I'll get in an fix the "open for edits" I have missed.

Thanks again.
Hope your weekend has been good.