An issue with dependencies

Here is a problem I have. I downloaded the Transition Era Southern Boxcars Pack, they are missing dependencies of 103021:101016, 103021:100570, 103021:100569, and 103021:100525:13. trainzkuidindex says they are in the transition era General Rollingstock Dependencies. I installed that into trainz, says it is already installed because I tried 3 times to install it, but then it won't show up as installed. It is still an Unkown Asset. A little help? I can't use the scale cars because of this problem as well. They are only missing the second and third dependencies I listed.
I would suggest dropping the offending assets into the download helper in CMP and see if any of the missing items are on the DLS. If not, make sure there is nothing that shows up when you click the "Open for Edit" tab. If you see anything in there when you click that tab, select everything you see in there and then press CTRL+M.


Download Helper? Is this on Mac? I think a sound library or something and some textures were on the DLS, but I think they were also in the pack! (chalk textures and placard textures and sound library) I will try and sort this out. EDIT: I am 99% sure that they aren't on the DLS, and I am wondering why they "aren't installed" and they "are installed" at the same time.
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