6-14-23- New Payware and Clubcar Release- More ES44's , C6M's and SD70's.


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Some more new releases this month, plenty more coming in early July!

- AC44C6M NS Primer Pack
- Citirail ES44AC
- Union Pacific C45ACCTE/C45AH
- NS SD70IAC- NS #'s 1175-1234

-IMRL SD45 #359
Investigating the problem with the cart that appears ( or should) on the sidebar. Theres a workaround if you use My Cart under My Account currently but were trying to see what happened there all of a sudden.
You guys are making it hard for me to save for my new PC build :hehe:

Very nice stuff as always, guys! Looks like I'm doing some shopping.

So I seem to be having this problem with the UP ES44 cab mech. "VE33: Alias mesh 'models/chair4.Im.txt' not found in dependency <kuid2:45324:25531:2>." Is there an easy fix to this?

Oh and by the way, What's with the downloads being limited now?
Redownload and reinstall the loco and es44 common deps files, make sure no open for edits and it should be all good.

As far as the limits, there has been far too much sharing in recent times as we were seeing in alot of cases over 20 plus downloads from many different IPs. If you need more please just let us know and we can look at that and regenerate more if needed. Applies to the newer run of items past few months going forward. As always and we have said this for years the end user is responsible for backing up their own files.
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