2-10-23- New Payware and Clubcar- SD70ACU, SD70ACC, AC44C6M and More!


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Lot's of stuff in this release!!

Note that most of these items and most, if not all, future releases will be primarily for TS2019 SP5 and up! The ACU, ACC and AC44C6M specifically, along with those items in Clubcar are 2019 and up items!

-CP Heritage SD70ACu's
-CP Military SD70ACU Pack
-NS Yellow Bonnet SD70ACC
-NS AC44C6M Blue Mane Pack
-NS AC44C6M Red Mane Pack
-NS AC44C6M Early
-CSX Ex-Chessie SD40-2
-CSX Ex-SCL GP38-2

-CP Military Tarped Units (Rolling stock item, not driveable)
-NS Ex-UP SD70ACU (Rolling stock item, not driveable)
-NS SD70ACC Primer (Rolling stock item, not driveable)
-Squaw Creek Southern SD9
-INRD SD10 #555
-BN TEBC6 Pack
-BNSF Ex-BN Patched TEBC6
-Covered Hopper 3-Pack - CRDX,TPW,NAHX

One of the most content-rich releases yet! The CGW SD40 was an unexpected but welcome addition, and the C6Ms, ACCs, and ACUs look amazing. Great job JR team and thanks for the new stuff.
Thank you.

I also got help in one of the Discord servers and when I was reminded how to do it, I felt silly lol.
Well, time to break out the ol' wallet.

Great stuff guys! Thanks for all you do!

Are the CP tarped units in the clubcar able to download? Clicking on it just gets me to a 403 page.
Having a small issue with the CGW SD40, it's throwing up two errors:
- <kuid2:37581:10079:1> : VE186: Material 'arc:fld:$(local)/hash-27||kuid2 37581 10079 1.tzarc|mesh_body**numberboard.m.onetex' is shared between multiple chunks in this asset but the material parameters conflict.


- <kuid2:37581:10079:1> : VE186: Material 'arc:fld:$(local)/hash-27||kuid2 37581 10079 1.tzarc|mesh_body**hoses.m.onetex' is shared between multiple chunks in this asset but the material parameters conflict.
FYI "CSX Ex-Chessie SD40-2" doesn't appear in Payware > New Releases. Only appears when searched by name.
I have been running into a lot of problems with the NS SD70 ACU along with the Helperlink version, and the NS SD70 ACC along with the yellow bonnet version. They have been mainly showing up as open for edit and then faulty, but after a couple of re-downloads to see if its the files and hard committing i'm still stuck with them showing up as faulty. help would be appreciated.
Try just "revert to original", or just double-clicking or trying "open-preview asset". If those don't revert them, then select "View errors and warnings", and post here.
this is what I get when I revert the non yellow bonnet NS SD70 ACC's. when I reverted them to original it showed up as modified an then faulty and when I tried to look at the errors and warnings I get the thing that is down below. When I revert the ACU's to original they just disappear, and when I revert the SD70 ACC yellow bonnets to original they also just disappear.

<kuid:845493:101767> : Unable to read config file for asset at 'arc:fld:$(local)/hash-54||kuid 845493 101767.tzarc|'
Sounds like you have some install problems possibly, I would also check for Open for Edit items as well. Possibly want to delete everything in reference to the new files and redownload/reinstall.