I am opening up TransportSims.com for beta testing, so everyone is invited to join and test out the platform. This may be more of an Alpha release -- everything is functional, but the user interface is a bit clunky and there isn't much instruction on how things work. Any feedback you can offer is greatly appreciated.

TransportSims is two things:

1. A platform for managing MPS routes
2. A game where players are role playing as employees of a railroad company.

The heart of the platform is Workorders and Waybills that document activities on the route. Workorders are related to anything involving construction on the route, and Waybills are related to anything involving the movement of vehicles (consists) on the route.

As players generate and complete workorders and waybills they generate points for promotion and move up the ranks as an employee of the company.

Currently the only route that is being supported by TransportSims is the MPS route "TransportSims: BSMRR", which is a replica of the Belmont Shore Model Railroad (see https://youtu.be/ofs0p8e6T3I )

Feel free to poke around at TransportSims.com -- to enter the platform, just register using your Auran username.

TransportSims is organized in Departments, which players select based on their interests:

Freight Operations
Passenger Operations
Route Construction
Switching Operations
Track Maintenance

Permissions on the MPS route will be set according to the department the player joins.

As players accumulate points by completing work orders and waybills, they move up the ranks in the organization:

New Hire Level 0
Apprentice I Level 1
Apprentice II Level 2
Engineer I Level 3
Engineer II Level 4
Section Supervisor Level 5
Division Manager Level 6
Area Director Level 7
Vice President Level 8
Senior Vice President Level 9
Executive Vice President Level 10
President Level 11
CEO Level 12